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Medical Billing

Medical billing for independent providers!

No clinician or team member wants to spend time on the phone calling insurance companies about billing issues. You got into this field to help people, and instead, you’re spending hours of your day every day on billing issues. Put down the phone and let handle your medical billing needs. We charge affordable fees for monthly billing services, typically $250 a month plus 6% of earnings. If you think about this in terms of what it would cost to hire a professional team member to make calls, verify insurance benefits, submit and resubmit bills, your practice can save over a thousand dollars per month by using our billing services. More importantly, it allows you and your team to focus their time and attention on patient care and running a successful office. 


Rates may vary. Call for details.


Stop wasting time on the phone with insurance companies and dealing with insurance red-tape – let us handle it for you. You'll have more time to see patients and they can rest assured that our professional billers are taking good care of maximizing medical benefits for your clients and ensuring consistent payment for your practice.

Our billing package includes

  • Electronic Medical Record System (Practice Suite)
  • Verification and Benefit Checking
  • Superbill Submission
  • Working Rejections
  • Mailing Statements to Patients
  • Reconciling Accounts

Benefits of billing with us

  • You'll have more time with patients, which means higher earnings
  • Consistent pay out from insurers
  • Maximized benefits for patients
  • No added stress for your team
  • Reassure referrers that you can provide optimal service for their patients

What makes us different

  • We include a top-notch electronic medical record system
  • We are mental and behavioral healthcare providers ourselves
  • We have relationships with insurers
  • We have experience with insurance billing
  • We focus services on helping other mental and behavioral healthcare providers

Call to discuss our rates and individualized plans. Not all practices have the same volumes of monthly billing, and we will work with you to create a customized plan to meet your practice needs.


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