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This program takes you through every step of the process to open a new practice - from the decision point to opening your practice through to a 90-day countdown. We'll walk you through each phase of launching your practice, helping to ensure a successful and profitable start. The Launch Program combines all of our most popular and successful products and services so you can launch your new practice with total confidence!


Rates may vary. Call for details.


When it comes to opening a new therapy practice, there are a lot of little steps. Skipping one can make it feel like you're thrown completely off balance. When you partner with the local Arkansas experts at, you don't have to worry about wasting time or making unnecessary, costly mistakes. Our time-tested Launch Your Practice Program has worked for over a dozen practices in Arkansas and it will work for yours too. The team is comprised of local therapy professionals in Arkansas who are active in running our own practices, but we are also dedicated to helping our peers develop their thriving practices. The Launch Your Practice Program allows us to partner with you through every step of launching your office. There's no need to do it all on your own. We have been through the process, and we can help make launching your private practice a little less stressful.

The Launch Your Practice Program combines many of the most popular and successful services we offer, including:

  • New Practice Academy
  • Online Advertising with AdWords
  • Digital Marketing & Online Profile Building
  • Website Design Startup
  • Electronic Medical Record System
  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Medical Billing, Verification, and Benefit Checking

Benefits of choosing the Launch Your Practice Program include the following:

  • Confidence that you're making smart choices in launching you practice
  • Increased referrals and strategies for sustained growth
  • Reasonable start-up costs and expense management designed for private practice providers
  • Ongoing consultation from experts in practice building
  • Access to resources and insights from our network of private practice providers

Factors that set and the Launch Your Practice Program apart from other available options include:

  • We offer a top-notch electronic medical record system
  • We are mental and behavioral healthcare providers ourselves
  • We have relationships with insurers
  • We focus on helping other mental and behavioral healthcare providers thrive in private practice

After the initial 90-day period, our standard reception and billing rates apply. Call to discuss our rates and individualized plans. Not all practices have the same volumes of monthly billing, and we will work with you to create a customized plan to meet your practice needs.


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