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Top notch marketing to grow your practice!

Top notch marketing to grow your practice!

No matter what size private practice you’re running, you need to establish an online presence. Digital marketing allows you to develop the referral network you need to launch or expand your practice. There's no need to pay thousands of dollars for expensive solutions, we'll help you set a sustainable digital marketing program that works for you and your practice. Best of all, you’ll be in complete control of the process. That means no waiting on a pricey marketing firm to deliver your results. During three marketing consultation sessions, we'll guide you through the steps of creating and maintaining your web presence.



Strong Online Profile

  • Get found by potential clients and referral sources
  • Share necessary information about your services
  • Tell your potential clients and referral sources who you are

Social Media Presence

  • Reach out to new clients and referral sources that may not find you organically
  • Stay in touch with clients and referral sources
  • Build a community of peers
  • Share thoughts and connect with others
  • Provide support and education information for current and potential clients

Email Marketing

  • Tell current clients about new services
  • Stay in touch with lapsed clients
  • Send out reminders about appointments
  • Provide educational resources
  • Attract new clients or referral sources

The Power of Digital Marketing

You can build a strong practice on a shoestring budget. We'll show you the ropes, so you can do it yourself. No ongoing obligations.


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