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Getting credentialed with the right insurance companies and maintaining your status is a key component of a successful practice. Patients will search for you based on whether or not you are in-network with their insurers, and medical professionals and hospitals are much more likely to refer patients to a mental and behavioral healthcare practice that will maximize their coverage. Whether you’re opening a new office or trying to grow your client base, getting credentialed with local insurers is a great way to attract new patients. However, we know that the credentialing process can be a huge time waste. If you convert the number of hours you spend working on insurance credentials into dollars you could earn working with clients, it can be a huge waste of money too.



Don't spend hours going it alone. We can help! The team understands how to complete the credentialing process quickly and efficiently – because we go through this process in our own offices! We can take all the stress of completing the credentialing process off your shoulders, and give you back the time to focus on your clients and practice. Let our team of experts handle all your credentialing needs, but please don’t hesitate to ask us about the process. We’re here to help clinicians run thriving practices, and we can set up a consultation to train your team members in credentialing if you prefer to complete the process independently.

Credentialing Services

  • Request applications
  • Complete applications
  • Follow up with insurance companies
  • Notify you of your status
  • Make sure you know when you need to reapply

Benefits of working with us for credentialing

  • Accepting more insurance plans means more clients and more referrals
  • Simplify the billing process and minimize out of pocket costs for clients
  • Save time to put towards working with clients and running your office
  • Consistently reapply and maintain credentials year after year

We work hard to get you credentialed and ready to see a range of patients in no time. Our fees are only $100 per insurance company, and we can get started today! We look forward to helping you streamline the credentialing process in your practice.


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