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Arkansas' Network of Private Practice Providers is dedicated to improving patient access to quality care by connecting patients, physicians, and hospitals with the right behavioral healthcare providers. By joining the GetTherapy Network as a provider, you become part of a community that is dedicated to providing quality patient care and who benefit from shared costs and resources. As local mental health professionals, we know the ins and outs of running a successful office, and in addition to connecting you with new clients, we also provide products to help you grow your practice. We harness economies of scale to offer discounts on products and services for practices that are part of our membership network. Learn more about some of our marketing, practice management, and other resources here, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to find out more. We're here to improve patient care in Arkansas and to help independent providers thrive!

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Network Memberships

Basic Membership

This is a great option for existing practices that just want to boost their client base and make sure they're reaching the right potential new patients. For just $20.00 a month, Basic Membership offers your office: Directory Listing on, Membership in the State-wide Provider Network, and Discounts at 10-Fitness facilities across Arkansas.

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Bundled Products


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Management Services Program

The Management Services Program is great for established practices looking to increase efficiencies and streamline processes by outsourcing administrative services to a team of trained professionals. Stop drowning in administrative tasks and focus on patient care; let GetTherapy help your practice thrive!


Rates may vary. Call for details.

Launch Your Practice Program

Dive into private practice with confidence through GetTherapy's number one requested service, the Launch Your Practice Program! This includes the Management Services Program, the New Practice Academy, and the Adwords Grow Your Practice Program, plus three months of pre-launch consultation and preparation to help your practice get off to a great start. Build your practice with confidence! 

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New Practice Academy

As therapists and mental and behavioral healthcare professionals, we know the value of talking through life changes with others who have the experience to provide guidance. The team is made up of professionals who already have our own established practices, and we've been through all the checklists and last minute details before. We put our experience to work making the process easier for you.


Today, we're doing more communication and interaction online, and that includes conducting therapy sessions. To protect your patient's privacy and deliver effective treatment, you need the right software. offers HIPAA compliant telehealth software compatible with Epic EHR, Office 365, point-of-care devices, and H.323/SIP conferencing tools. Great for one-on-one counseling, conferencing, and remote diagnostics.


Can be paid in three payments of $400.

AdWords: Grow Your Practice Package

How to get found in online searches is a mystery. It seems like every time you get some success in search rankings, something changes and it's back to square one. AdWords campaigns put you at the top of search for your area. They offer clear tracking tools, so you know when the AdWords campaigns are successful. Your AdWords campaign is customized to target one service in a specific location with a number of keywords.

Digital Marketing

In order to build your online profile and attract new patients in your area, we can partner with you to create a customized digital marketing campaign. We'll integrate a strong online profile, social media presence, and email marketing to ensure your current patients are aware of available services and attract new patients to your practice. For just $400, you'll receive three personalized consultation sessions to help you develop and maintain an effective digital marketing plan.

Web Design Start Up

When it comes to creating your practice website, you may think that you only have two options. You can rely on a professional web design company to create and maintain your site, leaving you feeling powerless to make changes. Partner with us to learn how to create and maintain a professional looking site that will attract new patients and appropriately represent your practice.

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Clients want to visit an office that takes their insurance, and doctors want to refer patients to practices that take their benefits. However, credentialing with insurance providers can be a hassle. You have to keep up with paperwork, regular renewals, and ongoing documentation. Let our team take that stress off your shoulder.


Rates may vary. Call for details.

Remote Reception Services

As trusted mental and behavioral healthcare professionals, we know how to work with your clients to schedule appointments, answer their questions, and more. You'll never be out of touch with your clients when you invest in our remote reception services, using Simple Practice and Practice Suite. TherapyNotes services coming soon!


Rates may vary. Call for details.

Medical Billing

Let's face it, your team is in the office to build relationships with your clients, but they end up doing a lot work that isn't patient-facing - like medical billing. Whether you're building a new practice or maintaining an existing office, benefit verification, claims processing, and medical billing can be a huge time consumer for your team. Let us handle these services instead, so you and your team can focus on providing exceptional care.

Consultation Services

Running a thriving practice isn't always easy, but you're not alone. The team is here to help with all of your practice management needs. We can put our years of experience to work helping you to better understand a variety of practice management areas, including HIPAA compliance, policies and procedures, clinical forms and documentation, medical billing, marketing, practice launching, credentialing, and insurance verification.


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