Serena McKnight, LPE-I, Clinician of the Month

Hello, friends! We’re very excited to introduce to you Serena McKnight, LPE-I. Serena is our featured clinician for this month! Her home state is Arkansas, and her practice, Awaken Counseling, and Evaluation is located in Searcy. She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. We’re excited for you to get to know more about her! Keep reading below.


Why did you decide to go into the field? 

 I decided I wanted to work in mental health in the 7th grade. I had a best friend who struggled with depression, and I didn't understand it. So, after that I took an interest in the field that hasn't stopped yet. 

What is your specialty?  

I perform comprehensive Psychological Evaluations to assess symptoms and provide recommendations. 

Do you have any unique method of treatment? 

I work hard to use the most up-to-date assessments and gather information from multiple sources, if available, when conducting an evaluation. I want to ensure that my interpretations are accurate and my recommendations are specific to the need of the individual. 

What is your favorite thing about being an examiner?

I enjoy helping individuals and families understand their mental health struggles and guide them to the resources or interventions to overcome those struggles.

Why did you choose to use 

I chose to partner with ATC, so that I could spend more time with my clients, meeting their needs, while my billing and scheduling are taken care of by a capable and trustworthy company. 


Thanks for reading! We hope this information has helped you learn more about Serena and her practice. To read more, visit Awaken's website.