Emily Smith, LCSW- December Clinician of the Month

Welcome to December, and Happy Holidays! We hope you are having a joyous season gathered around your family and friends. This month, we’d like to introduce Emily Smith of Ethos Psychotherapy. Emily recently opened her practice in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She was originally from North Carolina. When she was in first grade, her family moved to Hot Springs and she says she has loved living in the Natural State ever since. She is proud to call Fayetteville home for the past 11 years. We asked her a few questions so our community can get to know her. Read on!

Why did you decide to go into the field?

From a very young age, I have felt captivated by the emotions of other humans. I find people to be beautiful and courageous when they express vulnerable emotions. In the 5th grade, I befriended a girl from the local homeless children’s shelter. She would sit alone at lunch every day. We started eating lunch together. Pretty soon she was calling me every week to talk about her struggles. By the end of the year, she auditioned for the talent show and her acapella version of Amazing Grace received a standing ovation. I guess you can say I’m kind of obsessed with helping people find their voice - literally and metaphorically.

What is your specialty?  

I use depth psychology with influences from Jungian, Masterson, Erickson, and Zen Buddhist approaches when doing long-term therapy with individuals and couples.

Do you have any unique method of treatment?

We all have issues related to our family of origin that can cause us to dumb-down or restrict our true expression of self. This can lead to distortion of self-concept and inaccurate perception of the world around us. I want to help uncover the clients true authentic self and see what each person’s full potential really is.

Why did you choose to use GetTherapy.com?

I decided to go into private practice after the birth of my second child, as this career setting gives me the most autonomy and free time to take care of myself, my family, and to be joyful and present-minded in doing both! For those same reasons, I hired ATC, because Therapy is my true passion, not the business administration that comes along with a private practice! ATC has helped keep me focused on building a successful business, and they are really knowledgeable and helpful. They believe in their clients, and it’s nice to share my excitement with them as my schedule is filling up quickly!


Thanks for reading, and thanks to Emily for taking time to talk with us! We’re excited to see her practice grow and thrive! If you would like to learn more about Emily or schedule an appointment with her, visit http://ethospsychotherapy.com/ or call (479)-259-1415.