3 Tips To Help Balance Your Professional & Personal Life

In order to sustain a thriving practice long-term, you must prevent your own burnout by creating balance in your life between professional work, family, recreation, political, and/or spiritual activities. As clinicians, we often find ourselves telling our clients that they need to give themselves permission to relax, but we’re not great at taking our own advice. In this post, I’ll share three tips I often give to those who are struggling to develop good work-life balance as they open a new practice. 

One extra tip to start things off – you’re not alone! There are many professionals who have experience maintaining work-life balance and still running a thriving practice, so don’t hesitate to ask your fellow clinicians for support. GetTherapy.com also offers a number of services to help new and existing practices and clinicians, so don’t hesitate to explore our support services. 

Schedule & Share Calendars 

Keep an up to date calendar of your events, responsibilities, and appointments – in and out of the office. Select a calendar that works best for you; whether it is a paper calendar, Google calendar, or the calendar on your phone. Pick one method and stick with it, by writing down or typing out all your obligations you’ll be more able to visualize your daily tasks and plan ahead. To let those you work with and/or your family know about your daily responsibilities, consider a calendar like the Google calendar or other digital scheduling tools that you can share. 


Running a successful practice means running a successful business, and it's a lot of work. Make a list of all your obligations and prioritize them. The old adage – “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” – is applicable here, but you can and should give yourself to permission to complete the most pressing tasks each day and take time to rest and relax if you need to after they are completed. 

Stay Focused

Keep in mind, finding balance is an ongoing process. It doesn't occur overnight. Don't get discouraged. Find new ways to stay focused and make small changes to your daily routine to improve your work-life balance. For instance, set a daily goal to finish a certain number of tasks (professional and/or personal). If you don’t accomplish all the tasks, don’t beat yourself up. Try again tomorrow. While long-term goals are an essential part of a thriving practice, these small, more quickly accomplished daily tasks and goals can help you to stay focused and keep moving forward while allowing yourself time to do enjoy your life outside the practice.

How GetTherapy.com Helps

At GetTherapy.com, we know the importance of planning, scheduling, and making time for your personal life. We offer a variety of services to help you get started and maintain a thriving practice – while giving you the time for all the things you like to do outside the office. From our New Practice Academy to handling insurance credentialing, digital marketing, or remote reception, GetTherapy.com can take some of the daily stress out of running your practice. That means you can dedicate more time to your patients, your family, and all the things you like to do when you’re not working.